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Utica is a city that has a rich history from historical architecture to railroads. A city that holds health in high esteem, Utica has embraced the medical benefits of cannabis with open arms. Doctor Delta’s online weed dispensary has products that will enhance your experience of visiting the culturally exuberant city of Utica.


Try a Sativa strain from Doctor Delta’s online selection of cannabis flowers as you head to Union Station to marvel at the classically-inspired architecture comprised of rusticated granite with buff brick. Your body will feel a sensation of soaring through the skies as you sit by a tall arched window with a bracketed sill, overlooking a large clock bordered with eagle sculptures.


Have a CBD capsule from Doctor Delta’s high-quality CBD products as you engage in the Boilermaker Road Race. Feel your limbs unwind and endurance increase as the CBD works its magic while running the 15k race with over 17,000 participants, preceded by a health and fitness expo at the Mohawk Valley Community College. 


Indulge in a cookie from Doctor Delta’s vast selection of edibles while touring the Saranac Brewery. Family owned and operated since 1888, the award winning brewery has over 50 varieties of beers and ciders. Citrusy flavours of pineapple mixed with a subtle note of hemp will overtake your sensations as you sip on a Pineapple Hemp Hard Cider. Since 2017, visitors are now allowed to visit the 1888 Tavern and Tasting Room where you’ll be able to engage in events like Octoberfest, where tasty German treats will be served and music from bands like Our Common Roots will be playing live to enrapture all of your senses. 


Doctor Delta’s selection of cannabis products will add a dose of Delta 8 THC thrill to your experience in Utica. Doctor Delta’s online weed dispensary carries an array of products that include Delta 8 THC and CBD oils and tinctures, salves, vapes, Sativa, Indica and Hybrid cannabis flowers, extracts and more!