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Sacramento is a prime example of the perfect culmination of history and modernity. From being distinguished as the “most hipster city” in California to receiving the title of the “City of Trees”, Sacramento has become a hub for marijuana usage for both young and old cannasseurs. 


Whether you’re looking to unravel by lounging at Williams Land Park to gaze at the wind-ruffled surface of the lake and the lily pads in bloom, or go for a stroll on a scenic moss-veiled walking trail, Doctor Delta can help you enhance your senses. Doctor Delta will be your touch of heaven in an urban jungle with our specially curated online selection of cannabis products. 


Our cannabis products will make your trip to the California State Fair more vibrant as your heightened taste-buds indulge in delectable culinary creations like bacon-pecan cinnamon rolls. 


For those seeking a creative experience, satiate your senses with edibles from Doctor Delta before attending the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee for a blissful experience of utter contentment, or a trip to the Crocker Art Museum for renewed inspiration.