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Orange County is a refreshing refuge from the distractions of society. A perfect place for a sequestered getaway, Orange County is the ideal location to indulge in the healing properties of cannabis from Doctor Delta’s curated online weed store as you savour in the grandeur of nature that surrounds you. 


Connect with the natural world as you puff on a Delta 8 THC vape from Doctor Delta while traversing through Elks-Brox Park. As the Delta 8 THC begins to take effect, you will feel a sense of philosophical profoundness as you view the Neversink Valley intertwining with the Delaware River. As you reach the pinnacle of the mountaintop, you’ll have access to panoramic views of historic Port Jervis, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 


Step into a trans-religious Oasis as you visit the “Pacem in Terris”; a garden place located along the Wawayanda River. Have a tincture of CBD oil from Doctor Delta’s collection of CBD products to loosen your limbs and reinvigorate your mind as you walk past sculptures designed by famed artist Frederick Franck. Once the ruins of a watermill, Pacem in Terris has six peaceful acres dedicated to art and peace to explore. Your legs will feel limber as you walk down a spiral labyrinth cut in the overgrown lawn while immersed in the peaceful sanctuary of sculptures.


Get your adrenaline pumping as you puff on a Sativa strain from Doctor Delta’s selection of cannabis flowers before visiting Motorcyclepedia! Named the nation’s largest motorcycle museum, the 85,000 square feet exhibit features over 600 motorcycles from 1897 onward along with two Walls of Death, galleries including Indian Timeline, Harley Davidson, Chopper City and more! 


Doctor Delta’s online weed store carries a vast array of premium quality cannabis products that can be used for a wide array of activities as you explore the beautiful location of Orange County. Doctor Delta carries Delta 8 THC vapes, extracts, edibles, cannabis flowers, pre-rolled joints, CBD and Delta 8 THC tinctures and capsules, ointments and more!