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Los Angeles is a trickle of stardust, an artistic masterpiece and a sleepless cavern of dreams; the culmination of a thousand secret yearnings that seem to endlessly sprawl. A selection from Doctor Delta’s online curation of cannabis products will offer you serenity in an urban jungle.  In a city of Hollywood’s elite, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant rush and constant desire to manifest your fantasies. 


If you’re looking to unwind, try an Indica vape from Doctor Delta’s online weed store while traversing the Getty Center to ogle at awe-inspiring views of L.A. and artistic works by Impressionists like Monet, Van Gogh and Renoir. If you want to live like the stars, indulge in a tincture of Delta 8 THC before strolling along the cobblestoned Rodeo Drive. You’ll be met with designer boutiques that herald lambskin bags from Chanel and red soled pumps from Louboutin, while exuding the confidence of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. 


At Doctor Delta we believe in embracing your inner child. Try our edible gummies before heading to Disneyland where you can frolic through the legendary theme park and ride on Splash Mountain or venture through the universe of Star Wars. Don’t forget to take a picture with Mickey! 


For those looking for a sense of motivation, roll a joint from Doctor Delta’s collection of cannabis flowers and head to the Chinese Theatre to see your favourite stars hand and footprints, or revere at over 2,600 of the world’s most distinguished celebrities names immortalized in gold lettering framed in pink terrazzo tiles at the Walk of Fame. 


Doctor Delta’s online selection of cannabis products will be your perfect ally in Los Angeles!