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Inyo County’s rich history spans over thousands of years. Homeland for the Mono tribe, Coso people, Timbisha, and Kawaiisu Native Americans, the tribal history that encompasses Inyo County gives it a mystical atmosphere that is rich in culture and heritage. Host to a number of natural attractions, Inyo County is the ideal place to escape from the confines of urban society as you unwind with cannabis from Doctor Delta’s curated online weed store. 


Have a tincture of CBD oil from Doctor Delta’s selection of CBD products as you hike towards Marble Bath. On several topographical maps, a location called Marble Bath marks a set of shallow depressions in the bedrock that fill with rainwater near the Last Chance Mountains. On older maps, Marble Bath is shown closer to Steel Pass Road where Wendel Moyer decided to prank tourists by installing a bathtub filled with a multitude of blue marbles. As the CBD gives you an invigorating boost of energy, join in on the fun by throwing in a rubber duck or your own blue marble!


Puff on a Sativa joint from Doctor Delta’s collection of cannabis flowers to experience an exhilarating cerebral high as you head to the Ballarat Ghost Town. This ghost town is renowned for having only one permanent resident with a dog as his companion. The town was once a center of activity from 1897-1905, yet it is now comprised of graveyards and remains of ancient buildings.


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